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Seagrass Boho Baskets by Bizar Bazar Set of 3 I Boho Decor I SPAFAIR
Seagrass Boho Baskets by Bizar Bazar Set of 3 I Boho Decor I SPAFAIR
Seagrass Boho Baskets by Bizar Bazar Set of 3 I Boho Decor I SPAFAIR

Seagrass Boho Baskets by Bizar Bazar Set of 3 I Boho Decor I SPAFAIR

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Alohaaaa! Bazar Bizar - Aloha Baskets Don't you love this set of three handwoven seagrass baskets finished with raffia fringes? They remind us of a hawaiian skirt :-) With these natural white baskets you can easily store away toiletries, make-up or bits and bobs in any room. Or just place them on a shelf as a beautiful bohemian decorative item with summery Ibiza vibe.


Length (cm): 17 - 20 - 26
Width (cm): 17 - 20 - 26
Height (cm): 15 - 16 - 19
Color: Natural, White
Material(s): Raffia, Seagrass
Pieces Included: 3


Seagrass lives in the coastal waters in most of the continents. Seagrass is unique because it is the only flowering plant that can live underwater. Dried seagrass makes beautiful furniture. Seagrass furniture is woven by hand, while the plants are still green. Because the seagrass dries, the furniture will lose the green color, become firm and ready to use.

Raffia is made from the raffia palms that are found in Africa, Madagascar but also in parts of Central and South America. Because of the natural resin, raffia is extremely durable. It makes each piece flexible and pliant so beautiful pieces can be created.


Seagrass. The smooth and shiny exterior makes it very easy to maintain. Use a soft cloth along the rows of the grass to get rid of dust or dirt. Steam the seagrass to straighten if you please. We recommend keeping your seagrass furniture indoors. If you take it outside, protect it from rain and rough weather. If exposed to rain, there is a possibility of rotting since it’s a natural material. Also, direct exposure to sunlight will fade the color of the seagrass.

Raffia. The best way to clean products made from raffia such as rugs, is to hang them outside in fresh air. If you stain it, clean it as quickly as possible. Water can remove stains that did not have a chance to seep into the fibers. If you use water on raffia, let it dry in the sun before using it again. If it’s still wet there is a chance it will mold. Raffia is a natural fiber so do not use harsh chemicals on stains.