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Square vs Round Inflatable Hot Tubs. How to Choose?

Are you in the middle of the square vs. round inflatable hot tub debate and don’t know what direction to go in? Take a look at a comparison of your options to support a decision and get you into a hot tub.

This might appear like a no-brainer to many people. It might not even come up as a priority to some when they're looking at getting an inflatable hot tub. Whether it's a square inflatable hot tub or a round inflatable hot tub might not seem critical during the selection process. 

That can actually depend, and it may be important to know if a square or round inflatable hot tub is better actually. 

Is a round inflatable hot tub better?

For those that are getting stuck in the square vs. round inflatable hot tub debate, a round one ends up having a few perks of its own. Between the two, a round inflatable hot tub is actually in a more traditional design, as when hot tubs were first created, they usually took up a circular shape. 

However, if you're looking to incorporate this into some type of themed Swiss or Swedish outdoor sauna, then going with a round inflatable hot tub is the stronger choice. 

In addition, it's a lot more social as there are no corners, and it can technically fit more people into it. With no edges and the general shape of a circle being more efficient, a round inflatable hot tub tends to have a bigger space inside and also has a bigger depth than rectangular or square inflatable hot tub styles. 

You also will have fewer bubble jets in a round inflatable hot tub; even with a lower number of jets, science is on your side. The circular nature of the round inflatable hot tub creates a unique whirlpool effect that is common with traditional hot tub mechanics and brings that nostalgic vibe to your all-year-round inflatable hot tub.

Because it’s actually a model that’s not as popular as a square hot tub inflatable option, these also tend to go cheaper as there’s less of a demand for them. So if pricing ends up being a concern, you’ll probably be able to get more of a deal and a bigger option with a round inflatable hot tub.

Is a square inflatable hot tub better?

Since these are the ones that have become more popular, these also tend to come with the most advanced technological features as a standard. The square shape may sway away from tradition in design, but that doesn't mean it leaves you without a complete spa experience. 

You'll be able to find square inflatable hot tub options with control panels and an increased number of jets for you to set different modes, such as a gentle massage, for the optimal relaxation point with all these additional features. 

You can also get square tubs in a big size easily, such as a 6-person square inflatable hot tub, so there's always enough room for all your friends and family who want to jump into your inflatable hot tub.

You can get additional features in your square inflatable hot tub, such as lighting or LED lighting, which has become a popular option. This allows you to use it all year round and any part of the day or night. 

You can sit in that square inflatable hot tub and stare comfortably into the night sky while the increased bubble jets provide extensive hydrotherapy. Speaking of hydrotherapy, if you're extremely active in sports, you'll want to default towards a square inflatable hot top as your preferred choice because it'll give you the right pressure and relaxation to revitalize your muscles and joints after intense workouts. Round inflatable hot tubs can also offer it but at a much-reduced efficiency. 

Speaking of space, it's a much more efficient design with a square or rectangular inflatable hot tub because that's usually how the rest of the house is designed. That means finding a place for it in the center of the backyard, in a basement sauna you're building, or in the corner of the house will make it fit efficiently without looking as if it's out of place. It'll also maximize the space as there won't be any leftovers as there would be with a round inflatable hot tub. 

Since these are more common options, you'll also find more actual options. So there won't be a shortage of hot tub offers when it comes to considering a square inflatable hot tub. 

When it comes to other efficiencies such as energy efficiency and heat loss management, a square inflatable hot tub ends up being a better option again here. 

Because you're able to construct it within the parameters of your home when you decide to insulate it, you won't have empty areas where the insulation won't work, and the water ends up cooling faster. This means that you'll have to spend more time and energy to get the warm water hotter. 

DIY insulation is available for both round inflatable hot tub options and square inflatable hot tub choices. Still, it'll be even more customized if it's not a square or rectangular shape. 

This is because the ground mats or foam pieces you would utilize as part of your end-to-end insulation project usually come in a square or standard rectangular shape. 

With all these additional advanced features in a square inflatable hot tub, you will also notice a significant price tag difference compared to a round inflatable hot tub. So just be prepared when it comes down to the line for you to make that purchase.

Is a square or round inflatable hot tub better? So which one should I pick? 

So is a square or round inflatable hot tub better? Again, it really comes down to aesthetic and feature preferences. Take a step back and consider two things in the square vs. round inflatable hot tub debate. First, who will this be used by primarily, and where will this live primarily. 

Are you going to move it indoors and outdoors depending on the season, or will you construct that beautiful winterized spa you've always wanted to have, so you can enjoy the cold winters comfortably in your spa?  

It's also imperative to know who will be using it, so you know how much space you're going to need. A major issue with the round inflatable hot tub option that wasn't mentioned earlier is that the leg space focal point will always head towards the center due to its design. 

In a rectangular or square inflatable hot tub, you can shift where the focal point will be and maximize the space even further. So if you're getting a 6-person square inflatable hot tub, it will comfortably fit those six people without it seeming as if it'll be a cramped affair. 

Regardless, getting any type of all year inflatable hot tub is a great investment and relaxation point. Regardless of which design and size you go for, you'll love the ease of use setup, the advanced technological features built right into the inflatable hot tub, and how fast you'll be able to set it up. 

If you only want to enjoy it for part of a season or need to handle construction in its future home, a square or round inflatable hot tub will be extremely easy to dismantle and store away until you're ready to use it. 

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