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Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It? (What You Need to Know!)

As it's starting to get warmer, we find ourselves outside more often than not, and our bodies begin to crave being in some body of water. So whether we go to the beach or a pool setting, we know that we will jump into our bathing suits or swim trunks and get ourselves cooled off in the water. 

When the sun departs, and the weather gets dark, the temperature comes back down, but we still want to get into the water! So we look at what our options are. 

Do we go with traditional hot tubs and the maintenance that comes with them, or do we consider a more straightforward option and start looking at inflatable hot tubs and becoming inflatable hot tub owners. 

Does shape matter when deciding are inflatable hot tubs worth it?

Bear in mind that there are various types of inflatable hot tub sizes and shapes that they can come in. Like traditional hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs can come in a standard circle and square shape or a more rectangular, oval size, which may only be suitable for one to two people. 

It's essential to focus on the size of your inflatable hot tub as well since the dimensions and the promises they give you are very different from reality. For example, when an inflatable hot tub claims to hold four or six people, that means side by side, with minimal room for any type of movement, such as the crucial leg stretch. 

At the least, with an inflatable hot tub, you really can place it wherever you want to, as it's not a permanent fixture in your outdoor patio or indoor spa room. Yes, that answers the question, "can you put an inflatable hot tub inside?" Absolutely! In an outdoor setting, inflatable hot tub surround structures help round out the design. You can make sure that whatever free space you have will be a suitable space for that inflatable hot tub. You can even get a few inflatable hot tubs because they have various sizes, allowing you always to have that accessibility. 

Do inflatable hot tubs come with the right equipment? 

Absolutely they do. Just like with traditional hot tubs, these portable inflatable hot tubs come with massage jets and led lights with some of our models. So it's really about making it an inflatable hot tub spa setting, equipped with the right control panels and air jets with all of our models, not just the ones that are on the most costly end of the price scale. 

There's no need to sacrifice the hot tub experience in any way, as the water in your inflatable hot tub will actually be heated to the correct hot temperatures you're looking for with all the bubble jet features you expect to have at the same time. One of the many inflatable hot tub hacks is to leave the cover on to help speed up the process of making the water hot.

In addition, inflatable hot tubs will also come with suitable types of filtration systems to keep the water sanitary. So you don't have to constantly replace all the water, helping these inflatable hot tubs stay sustainable. 

They’re super portable

One of the outstanding features of inflatable hot tubs is that they're portable! That means you can take them anywhere and anytime, and as long as you can power them, you can make it into an inflatable hot tub spa. 

So if you plan on going on that road trip or even camping in the woods, make it a glamping trip instead while enjoying the great outdoors. But, on the other hand, maybe you go adventuring and hiking for several hours and need the perfect portable spa treatment in that hot tub to soothe all those aches and pains away! 

They're also great when you need to store them. For example, if you know there will be a massive storm front or plan to store it away for the brittle winter, you can easily take it down and store them in a compact area. If you prefer to keep an inflatable hot tub inflated, rest assured that our models come with the right coverage to protect your hot tub against the elements. 

They do require similar maintenance to a traditional hot tub

Maintenance is an issue with any type of hot tub, and you want to make sure that you're constantly cleaning the water and cleaning out the water filtration system. In addition, you want to utilize the same treatments that would go into a traditional hot tub and ensure that all the pumps are checked consistently. Chemicals needed for the inflatable hot tub are similar to those required for traditional hot tubs and swimming pools, such as chlorine and bromine mixtures.

This helps to ensure that everything is in working order. You also want to make sure there's no physical debris leftover in the hot tub; otherwise, you'll be replacing that water more often than not. 

Yes, as with any type of hot tub, you will need to drain the water from time to time. However, remember that every time you do a complete drain of the water, it's also an opportunity to do a quick and easy scrub down of the inflatable hot tub to get it clean and ready to use as soon as you're ready. 

Inflatable hot tubs can be sustainable 

Keep in mind that these hot tubs are highly durable, so even if it's assumed that inflatable means not durable, that is not the case. This is one of the primary elements why they're so sustainable because they will be able to last for years to come, with very little investment, maintenance, or replacement of water being needed. 

It's not just about inflating one of these hot tubs once, filling it up with one or two hundred gallons of water, and then taking it down after the day of the inflatable hot tub spa day. Instead, they can be added as a fixed extension to any type of patio fixture and built around it to keep it up and running at all times. 

The energy required to pump one of these up and maintain an inflatable hot tub is much less than the resources needed to build out and support a traditional hot tub. In addition, once these hot tubs get the temperature just hot enough, there won't be a need to have to keep replacing the water for any reason, as these inflatable hot tubs will keep them warm and running for as long as you need them to.  

You cannot beat the price

As inflatable hot tub owners know already, the price of one of these cannot be beat compared to traditional hot tubs. Whereas traditional hot tubs start at several thousand dollars, many inflatable hot tubs start at only several hundred dollars. 

This means you can enjoy the luxuries of your inflatable hot tub spa without having to make it a luxurious purchase. Factor in all the costs of running hot tubs, and it'll take years before you even come close to the same price as traditional hot tubs. 

Inflatable hot tubs can also save money where you want to set them up as well. They're going to be much lighter (even with all that water) than traditional hot tubs, giving any inflatable hot tub owner more flexibility in where they're going to place it. 

Set up and usability are a breeze

Setting up an inflatable hot tub is as easy as laying it out in the desired area and letting the motor pump inflate everything. Then it's about filling it with clean water and preparing the water filtration system and treatments. 

Some claim that inflatable hot tubs don't do well in cold weather, but that's not true. Many inflatable hot tubs come with additional durability levels, as their sustainability mission, that can handle the elements, even the cold ones, so you and your friends can sit in the comforting hot water when it's cold outside. That is one of the perfect uses of any inflatable hot tub. 

How long do inflatable hot tubs last?

The average lifetime of inflatable tubs is five. It is comparable in terms of average life span of a hard-side tub. However proper maintenance, de-flating at extreme temperatures and insulating a roof can prolong its life cycle up to 10 years! Inflatable items have expiry times. Although this may also apply to hot tubs, you'll wonder how long the hot tub is lasted. In truth, it depends very much on how much care you have taken and material durability. This is why we only work with reliable suppliers who manufacture inflatable hot tubs according to high standards. This ensures they will last as long as possible.

What else is needed to answer are inflatable hot tubs worth it? 

After reviewing all the different ways inflatable hot tubs keep up or are even superior to traditional hot tubs, the only question you have to ask yourself is why you haven't made the plunge to buy one. 

In the process, joining the growing group of people that are inflatable hot tub owners helps to continue to answer are inflatable hot tubs any good? As there are a good few options available that you can find here, you may even want to consider getting a few down the line and having hot tubs in every place you can fit them. Get a strong inflatable hot tub base to compliment its sturdiness.

Keep in mind that our inflatable hot tubs, and inflatable hot tubs in general, are also perfect for indoor use, for those who want to have the luxuries of a hot tub without the outside elements to tamper with your Zen. 

In fact, due to the portability, you can try out whether you prefer an indoor inflatable hot tub or an outdoor inflatable hot tub setting. Or, on the other hand, if you've got that crazy weather coming up, but you have a constant need to use a hot tub, you can always deflate it and set it up somewhere else indoors. 

That's where the real power of these inflatable hot tubs comes from. Yes, the functionality and all those water jets are great, the heat is great, and the price points comparatively are unmatched. 

Yet the true power that comes from these inflatable hot tubs is their flexibility and the ability to have them portable, on the go, moveable to a new home, etc. Having to not have another headache in life and be able to take something with you without having to think about it is one of the best benefits of having an inflatable hot tub. Are inflatable hot tubs worth it! Yes, we think it is.

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